CCTV: Are you on a lookout for the best security camera available for monitoring and protecting your family, loved ones or your business? Choosing the right camera best-suited for your application will ensure that you get an effective video security solution that produces optimal results, creating a safer environment.


These are just some of the many uses of our CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras and Equipment


Use of our system does not require any special training, tools but a little effort from you. With easy installation, our CCTV Video Surveillance systems are designed to be user friendly.. Just power it up and enjoy all its advanced features which are bound to give you premier security solutions.

  • Enhance your employees Productivity
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Enhanced customer and employee safety
  • Enhanced Efficiency to manage the business
  • Cut your losses due to theft
  • Cut your insurance expense
  • Cut your employee shrinkage
  • Cut fraudulent insurance claims by employees and customers
  • Cut your afterhour’s security costs
  • Provide 24×7 access to your system from anywhere in the world

In general it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, similarly in a security scenario a CCTV image of an incident, can be far more useful than a mere verbal description of a suspect by a witness.



1. Industrial Processes: Any industry, starting from aviation to the ones making needles, requires CCTV supervision to monitor the stages involved in various processes. Sometimes the law orders compulsory CCTV monitoring in these industries.


2. Reining In Crime: CCTV is a very efficient tool to rein in crime because the recorded footage is substantial evidence against the criminal. According to a recent survey in the country 51% depreciation in crime in parking lots and a 23% decrease in crime on roads where CCTV Video Surveillance was used.


3. Traffic Monitoring: Many cities monitor daily traffic through CCTV surveillance. This enables the authority to keep a check on traffic jams, accidents, etc.


4. In Retail Industry: Retail industry has many advantages of CCTV surveillance. CCTV in retail facilitates monitoring financial transactions, products on display, any incident of theft and many more such things that require to be maintained record of.


5. Staff Theft and Fraud: Cellars and kitchens can be covered to deter and detect any staff theft. It will dishearten you to know that up to 60% of shrinkage from retail premises is now believed to be staff related.


6. Health: Hospitals can have IP CCTV surveillance solution integrated to their existence system (if any) for a comprehensive remote monitoring system. Hospitals can also benefit from the fast installation and minimal disruption to their day to day operation. All the sites can be centrally monitored from the Hospital.


7. Home Applications: Homeowners are increasingly installing security cameras around their homes and property to protect against trespassing, burglaries and vandalism. Although cameras alone don’t do anything to physically prevent crimes they however become very effective deterrents as a well-monitored home is far less appealing to criminals than one with no security measures in place. Such security cameras bring peace of mind to parents and homeowners who wish the safety of their children and belongings.